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Grays Harbor Conservation District

From the oceans, to the farms, and all of the rivers in between. We are proud to work with our community to ensure that our natural resources are enjoyed for generations to come.

Board of Supervisors

Meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 10am – 12pm

Join on Zoom or in the Montesano Library

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Upcoming Events
Board of Supervisors MeetingApril 9th @ 10am Join here
Radio Appearance (94.7)April 19th

Our natural resource service areas include issues regarding: soil, water, air, plants, animals, humans, and energy.

Voluntary Stewardship Program

Our Voluntary Stewardship Program is available for local producers. The goal of the program is to protect critical areas. We use this program to collaborate with producers to reach their personal goals for their property while protecting our natural resources.

European Green Crab Removal

One of the most pressing ecological problems facing our coastal communities, European Green Crab. This invasive species has the potential to not only have a catastrophic impact on the environment, but also on the jobs that sustain the coast. We put together our Green Crab team to address this problem and protect our coast along with the communities we call home.

Watershed Resources

Southwest Washington has abundant streams, creeks, and rivers. Our watershed team is here to ensure that these important systems are healthy and functioning efficiently. From noxious weed removal to erosion control, we are motivated to ensure that we can coexist with healthy waterways.

Educational Programs

Our students are the next generation of stewards for this land, and we seek to prepare them and educate them about how our ecosystems function most effectively and the importance of both the natural functions and the human benefits of a healthy ecosystem.


With a team of regional foresters, our district is primed to help local landowners make a plan for their timber land and provide technical assistance.

Urban Environmental Projects

In Grays Harbor County we have a unique opportunity to work with landowners both in rural and urban areas. We seek to address food deserts through establishing community gardens. Additionally we continue to make the built environment coexist with the natural world through installing pollinator plants and rain gardens.

Trees Planted from River Roots Pale Ale Sales

In collaboration with Mount Olympus Brewing, the Grays Harbor Conservation District is committing to plant one tree along the Hoquiam or Wishkah rivers for each River Roots pale ale sold