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Chehalis RM 13-20 Assessment, Planning, and Design Amendment #2 RFQ Q&A

May 15th, 2023


Q: Can any of the 10 pages be 11×17?

A: All pages are to be 8.5×11


Q: Can projects with completed recent relevant components be included in the part B Description of Project Experience section even if the entire project is not yet 100% completed/constructed?

A: Yes, as long as the relevant project sub-component being referenced has been completed


Q: Do you envision this project as led by a planning and outreach firm with an engineering subcontractor to handle the assessment and design portions, or do you envision this project as led by an engineering firm with a planning and outreach subcontractor to handle the public meeting and outreach components? Another way to look at this question would be how do you envision the work to be split percentagewise between the science and engineering component versus the planning, policy, and outreach component?

A: We envision the project being about 60% planning, outreach, facilitation, and concept development and 40% design/engineering. However, this may shift one way or the other as the project develops. We would be fine with either an engineering firm or planning and outreach firm (or any combination thereof) as the lead contractor.