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About Us

Grays Harbor Conservation District

Conservation District 101

We engage our community with voluntary actions that keep our air, water, soil, habitats, and farmlands healthy!

Conservation Districts provide services that help meet the needs of local people, properties, and the natural resources that we all share. We accomplish this through site-specific plans for your property that are designed to maximize both your land use and conservation goals! Not only will we help you plan your project, but we can also provide grant funding and free or low-cost services to make it affordable to take responsible conservation action.

We are a non-regulatory, voluntary-incentive based organization which means that we do not enforce compliance or impose penalties! Instead, we focus our efforts on working collaboratively with our community to help responsibly and efficiently manage the land.
Our staff are here to provide expertise in fields such as soil resource management, conservation biology, forestry, ecological engineering, and more!
We have a personal investment in improving the quality of life in our community because we live where we work. Which also means that our staff can provide firsthand knowledge of the natural resource challenges faced within our community.

Conservation in Washington State

The Washington State Legislature passed RCW 89.08 in 1938, enabling the establishment of conservation districts in the state. As a result, today there are 45 conservation districts across the state, with Grays Harbor CD being established in 1942.

More than half of the land in Washington State is privately owned. This means that the participation of the private landowners throughout the state determines the success of conservation efforts. Our vision is that through voluntary action, our state will have healthy soils, water, air, and ecosystems along with sustainable human interaction with our natural resources.