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Educational Programs

We have programs and curriculum designed to engage students of all ages in hands-on environmental education. Don’t see something you’re interested in? Feel free to contact us and we can work together to get a program set up that meets you and your student’s needs!

Salmon in the Schools

Salmon in the Schools is a unique educational program that allows students to learn about their local ecosystems in a hands-on environment. Through grant funding and permits with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife we are able to provide salmon eggs, aquariums, and all the needed supplies to raise salmon from eggs to fry right in your school! 

Along with the salmon eggs and tanks, we also provide 2-3 in class lessons exploring the salmon life cycle and important habitat characteristics needed for survival. At the end of the program, once the salmon are of age to be released, we work with our local hatcheries to bring the students out to the hatchery for a tour, educational activities about salmon, and most importantly the release of the fish they have spent the past few months tending to.

If you are interested in participating in this program, get in touch! Our funding source encourages expanding the program to more schools each year.


Envirothon is North America’s leading environmental education competition, with an estimated 500,000 high school students in the United States and Canada demonstrating their knowledge and problem-solving skills on the topics of aquatic ecology, forestry, soils/land use, wildlife, and a rotating current issues topic.

The annual Envirothon is an excellent opportunity for students to cultivate new skills and learn about resource conservation career opportunities.

We are thrilled to bring the Southwest Area Competition back to our area and hope to get students involved! The first annual SW Area Envirothon competition will be held in April 2024. We are still looking for more teams to participate; if you are a high school student or teacher and want to get involved contact Alexander at: